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Top 10 messages and calling apps on smartphones

Due to the availability of smartphones, the demand for SMS or traditional phone calls has disappeared. Messages and calling apps have taken that place. Almost all smartphone users use one or more messaging and calling apps for their needs. There is a

How to use Google Meet Easily?

The use of video conferencing is increasing day by day. Google's Google Meet is an ideal video conferencing tool. Google Meet has been able to differentiate itself from all other video conferencing apps by offering all the usual features as well as

Facebook Messenger in a new form

Facebook Messenger debuted in a new form. Most people in the world are under house arrest in Corona. Social media is the only way to communicate with friends, colleagues and relatives. This time, Facebook Messenger has added some features to give users a

WhatsApp message will be deleted within 7 days

WhatsApp message will be deleted within 7 days. New feature on WhatsApp - ‘disappearing messages’ from Sunday (November 22) night. Facebook came up with this feature for Indians. This feature can be used on Android, iOS, desktop, KaiOS and web. Learn how