How Do I Add Images And Videos To My WordPress Site?

Adding images and videos to your site is a great way to show off your expertise or expertise in a post, event, or product. There are many free add-ons that add images and videos to sites, so you do not have to invest in new software.

Many web apps offer the feature as an added feature. Check out the app you use on your phone to see if it works on the web site.

How do you add images and videos? Simply type or click on an image or video you want to add, and then click on Add Image or Add Video. Your new photo or video will be inserted into the post or post event, depending on which area of your site you are adding it to.

Go to your WordPress site and click on Media

Then you can add in your videos and images!

Now, you need to set up how your media is organized. In your media setup, make sure to create a storage folder called “media”- then put in your pictures and videos!

Then, edit them as you want and set their sizes and such. You can also add audio if you have it, or turn off the video if not.

Overall, this process takes about 5–10 minutes to get started with! Once you have added some content, changed the look and feel of your sites, you will have some fun displaying your content.

Click Add New

How do I add images and videos to my WordPress site?

From the new screen, you will add a new post or new page. Your new site will have a variable name, such as imagesandvideos, that can be used for both.

Your site can have only images or only videos! It does not matter to create a post.

Posting an item is easy: just enter your title and add an image or two. Adding video is just like adding an image, except choose filetype video instead of filetype text.

Adding icons is also just like adding images, except choose icon filetype instead of text.

Select the file you want to upload

How do I add images and videos to my WordPress site?

Once your site is setup, it is time to add files and images to your account! Most places allow you to just upload a file and that is the best way to start, though.

Check the box next to the file you want to upload

How do I add images and videos to my WordPress site?

Once your file is uploaded, you can add it to your site easily. Just click the Add Image or Add Video button, and then you can start adding content to your site!

How do I upload an audio file?

You can upload an audio file by clicking the Add Audio or Add Video button, and then entering the file’s path in the box.

The easiest way to change the audio quality is to edit the wodpress-audio-quality setting in your wodpress account. Another way to change the quality is to click on Settings > General > Audio Quality and increase or decrease how loudly you want it to sound.

Click on Select Files (if using desktop) or Choose File (if using mobile)

How do I add images and videos to my WordPress site?

Next, choose the file or files you want to add to your site. Then, click on Add Files

Your site will show you a list of files, with which you can link them. Your visitors can then access and use these files on your site!

Adding videos is slightly different than adding images. Choose the video format and quality that best fit your needs.

If you have a lot of content to add, consider spending some time doing it in stages. First, create a new post, add some content, add some graphics, etc. This way you do not overburden your system with requests and data transfer fees may be lower.

Locate the file and select it

How do I add images and videos to my WordPress site?

Once you have your images and videos, it is time to add them to your site! Open your editing platform of choice, locate the file you just added, and select it.

This allows them to be displayed and imported into your site!

Now, edit them as you would like if you were creating them on your own!

These can be photos, videos, or audio files. Some platforms will even let you add visual effects like color or cutouts for the content.

Once that is done, click the button to save and upload! This adds your new image and video displayable on your site, giving you a chance to test out their quality.

Repeat steps 5-7 for any additional files you want to add

How do I add images and videos to my WordPress site?

After you upload your first file or file set, you’re done! You can add more files or change the format they are stored in.

You can convert your files to a text format,MP3 format,or JPEG format so that other people can download them.

Or you can simply add them to your site and let the users upload the files themselves.

That last option is the one we will discuss next.

File storage is an issue that comes up often for new creators. Some solutions offer limited testing and support, making it hard to create before you get used to it.

That is why we suggest starting with a simple file storage solution such as the one found at

Write your post and click Publish!

How do I add images and videos to my WordPress site?

Once your post is ready to be published, click publish to send it out into the world!

Now that your post is up, you can add images and videos to your site! Just pick one feature at a time and try it out. You can always add more if you want!

To add videos, just click the video button at the top of your page. Then, enter a title for your video and then choose how to link it to your post.

To add images, just pick one image and try editing it like any other post would normally.

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