How Do I Customize My WordPress Site?

Changing your look and feeling about your site is a great way to refresh your online presence. Adding new features or updates, removing outdated features, and updating the look and feel are all ways to update your site.

Adding new features or updates, removing outdated features, and updating the look and feel are all ways to update your site. It is highly customizable!

In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to customize your WordPress site. There are countless ways to make your website look & feel different, so there is no reason to be limited by this article!

Do you already use a theme? Then great! We have a solution for you too! In this article, we will discuss some easy ways to customize your WordPress site. There are countless hows &… Read More about how to get started with changing up yours and giving it a spin.

Use a plugin

How do I customize my WordPress site?

When you install a plugin on your site, it adds new features to your account that you can use. You can download and install plugins for all of the major functions that WordPress has, such as Widgets, Sliders, and Gallery templates.

Many developers create plugins to extend their functionality and make their sites more user friendly. If you do not have one yet, you can buy one from the software store at

Using a plugin gives you more options when developing your site! It also saves time and money in having to create new features yourself.

Change your site colors

How do I customize my WordPress site?

If you want to change up your look, there are several ways to do so. You can use the all-encompassing wp post color command, or you can install one of the many color schemes available via the WordPress plugin system.

Both of these solutions allow you to set and update your site’s custom color scheme, which is a very nice touch.

To use the wp post color command, type wp post color _name at the top of your page. For example, if I wanted to set my site green, I would type wp post color medium grass at the top of my page.

wp post color has many settings and features, so we will not go into detail about it here.

Upload your own logo

How do I customize my WordPress site?

If you don’t already have a logo for your site, you can create a new logo by uploading an image to your site. You can also search the web for free logos.

Either way, go ahead and give it a try! Your visitors will love it.

Bullet point reminder: While it is fun to customize your site, keep in mind that users will have to upload their logo themselves. This may not be a problem for some, but it is for us designers and developers- the people who make websites.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Your visitors will love it.

Add a background image

How do I customize my WordPress site?

Adding a background image is a quick way to change the look of your site. There are two ways to add a background image: By linking it in with your theme or by downloading a free one and adding it in.

Both options allow you to pick a subject or theme for your new backdrop. In this case, we will choose Halloween!

By linking the new background image in with my site, I can add some fun color schemes, textures, and rules for my new Halloween website.

When choosing which one you want, look for some good reasons why someone would want a black screen with white text and images.

Make it mobile friendly

How do I customize my WordPress site?

If you have a large site or a very unique site, you may want to consider designing it for mobile use. There are many ways to customize your site for mobile use, so do some research prior to making changes.

You can add Widgets or plugins to your mobile device to help with the experience. You can also make changes in your website directly from your phone or computer via the website app.

Do some testing on your own before asking for help from outside sources, however. You may need help managing content and creating an effective mobile-friendly site is one of the first things you’ll need to learn.

Mobile-friendliness also depends on what type of device you are using for viewing and browsing the site. Some devices will be more portable than others.

Optimize images

How do I customize my WordPress site?

Choosing how your site looks is a way to customize your experience. There are thousands of WordPress sites out in the world, and only a few look the same. That is not to say that they are not beautiful, but it is a fun way to find one that suits you!

Many users pick image optimization plugins to automatically optimize their images on submit. However, these plugins do more than just that. Many of them also add padding or margins around images, add borders around images, or even add illustration or logos at the bottom of an image.

By adding these things into the image optimization plugin, you are actually giving your visitors an extra level of customization on your website! These things also work in conjunction with other plugins so you can really extend your control.

Create blog posts and pages

How do I customize my WordPress site?

Once you’ve setup your site, it’s time to start creating new posts and pages. You can do this either by adding new post or new page links via the menu or by creating a new page or post.

Either way, the process is the same. You select which part of your site you want to create the page or post on, you enter basic information about the page such as its title and content, and then you add any images, adornments, and/or content.

Creating a new page takes about half the time to create a new post, so spend that time more wisely!

Bullet pointeport: Linking your accounts is easy

While editing your sites pages and posts, keep in mind that if you have two websites associated with one account, you just click Sign In & Out (or Click Account in Menu), they are done! No linking of accounts is necessary. This makes sense since only one needs to be active at a time.

Create a menu menu

Adding a menu is an easy way to customize your site. All you do is add a new section of your website called ‘Menu’. Then, all of your pages and content can have a link to the new menu.

You can have many menus on your site, each with their own menu structure. For example, you could create a restaurant menu, a store inventory list, or even a ‘things to do’ list.

In this case, each of the menus had its own listing format, links, and titles. These elements were organized well together so that it looked like there was only one page that had these things on it.

Creating a new menu is simple enough that we will include it in this article again.

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