How Many Days Required To Learn WordPress

Learning how to use WordPress takes a few days at least, if not weeks or even months. There are many ways to learn wordpress, you can take self-taught courses via YouTube videos and online tutorials, hire tutors, or pay an expert to help you.

Whatever method you choose, do not worry about whether you will “pick up” everything quickly. Take your time to understand each element (the making of posts, editing templates, etc.) slowly so that you can really see what is going on under the hood and connect all the pieces.

The hardest part about learning wordpress is figuring out which steps to skip! A novice could spend hours trying to figure it out and getting nothing more than frustration.

History of WordPress

how many days required to learn wordpress

Originally known as “WordPress”, this free website-making tool was first launched in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Since then, it has grown into one of the most well-known content management systems (CMS) around.

You can easily make your own word press websites at no cost. This is made possible through an open source platform that anyone with access to the internet can use.

By using the WordPress software, you get lots of ready-to-use functionality designed for creating blogs and online stores. These include functions such as page builders, galleries, plugins, etc.

Understanding WordPress

how many days required to learn wordpress

Learning how to use WordPress takes time! It’s not like picking up another app or software where you can get quick results, so don’t expect that here.

It will take you some time to figure out how to do things properly, and there is no fast track way to learn it. You have to invest in your knowledge of web design and functionality otherwise you may end up hurting yourself or worse, someone else.

There are many free resources available online for beginners to start designing sites from. All of these materials can help you pick up the basics of creating websites using WordPress as a platform.

By starting off with a free website builder, you can easily save money by learning the fundamentals before investing in paid versions. Some of the best free site builders are WeBSites, Wix, and Google Web Designer.

The different themes

how many days required to learn wordpress

There are several premade theme options for you to choose from when installing WordPress. You can pick your favorite style, or you can go with one of the popular ones such as Genesis, Studio, or Alpha.

Once you have picked your theme, you will need to install it via a software program called

Understanding templates

how many days required to learn wordpress

Templates are one of the most important concepts when it comes to writing your own blogs or creating new ones for someone else.

A template is like the skeleton of your website. This includes all of the settings and colors that you will use to design your site. For example, if your style is very casual then your default theme may not have enough decorations for that.

You can easily replace this template with another one. By doing so, you can create different websites with the same skeleton!

WordPress has several built-in templates you can choose from. These include two-, three-, and four-column layouts as well as a portfolio style (where you show off some of your works). You get to pick which ones you want to use by choosing them under Settings -> Theme Options -> Template.

There are also free WordPress themes available online and in app stores such as Google Play or The Apple Store. They are usually designed for specific purposes and/or types of sites.

Installation of WordPress

how many days required to learn wordpress

When you first purchase your domain name and web hosting, the next step is to install WordPress on your site. This process can take anywhere from minutes to hours depending on how fast your computer is and what plugins you choose to include in your website.

There are two main ways to do this; through cPanel or via the WP-CLI. Both methods work similarly so we will only discuss one here!

The easiest way to install WordPress is using the built-in Tool called Quick Install. With quick install, some of the settings are already done for you including selecting a theme and creating an account if needed. You just need to enter your current email address and paypal information and bingo, you have installed word press!

Quick install works best if you are new to installing websites as it has many settings pre populated for you.

Setup your blog

how many days required to learn wordpress

Now that you have all of that done, it is time to setup your own WordPress website! You will now need to choose a domain name for your site and then install the wordpress software onto your computer.

You can use our links to get an excellent free account at Blogger or Google Sites which both are very similar. Once you have installed word press, you will want to pick a theme for your site.

This will determine how your site looks, so it is important to do this before writing a single word. There are many free themes available in almost any genre, style, or color scheme.

Register your blog

how many days required to learn wordpress

Once you are ready to start writing, the next step is to choose a domain name and register that domain with an online hosting site. This can be tricky at first as not every web host offers the most feature-filled website packages or even login accounts that do!

Most good web hosts will have you create an account using their company’s own software, which usually has easy to use interfaces. They may also offer one time logins where you cannot edit or add any pages to your account.

This is totally fine if you are just starting out! There are many free websites that can help you find and compare various hosting services so that you can pick the best one for you. Try Google it!

The more advanced users check out how to make your WordPress installation look the way you want by going into Settings -> Theme Options and Themes.

Buy a domain

how many days required to learn wordpress

When you start your search for a good WordPress website hosting package, you will first need to pick out a domain name for your site. This web address is what people will use to access your site!

WordPress does not come with a built-in way to create an account page or a place to store content, so it is very common to purchase a “website hosting” service from a company that also includes these features.

The best way to find this type of product is by looking at different providers online and in person. There are many companies that offer similar services, so do some research and compare prices to determine which one is the most cost effective for your business.

You should always check out the reviews left by past customers to see if they were happy with their experience.

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