Interesting Tools To Install In VPS

1. Owncloud

If you are looking for an easy way to create your own cloud storage, then Owncloud is one of the best options. Not only does it have a free option, but their paid plans offer unlimited space.

Owncloud can be installed as either a local server or a remote service online. It is very simple to use and get started!

Their mobile apps make access quick and hassle-free too. You do not need to connect to the internet to use Owncloud’s app since they maintain a cache of all files locally. This helps prevent any lag while working with the app.

There are many ways to contribute content to Owncloud. You can add links, upload pictures, and even drag and drop documents into folders. All of these functions can be done easily without needing advanced software knowledge.

If you decided to download Owncloud, just go to their download page.

2. Typesense Server

TypeSense is an excellent way to make your website more professional-looking by allowing you to edit the look and feel of the site’s HTML headers, footers, fonts, and colors.

You can choose from over 500 free type and header templates that fit any style or genre of business or personal use. Some are fully customized so you can start from scratch or easily modify things like color schemes and content.

TypeSense has a very easy drag and drop interface which makes it simple to install and update pages quickly. There is also an option to hire their premium service where you get access to even more professionally designed sites and resources.

These include things such as domain names, hosting packages, and other helpful tools. They handle everything for you! It is totally free to test out this service if you would like to see how it works before investing in paid services.

3. Cyberpanel

Interesting tools to install in VPS

One of the most popular ways to monitor your computer’s activity is through an app called CyberPanel. This free tool offers you several features, some more useful than others. Some people may not like it because there are settings where it can be disabled. It is best to use private information, such as email addresses or usernames that you do not want tracked.

CyberPanel does not require login credentials to track activity. Which is why it is ideal for users who do not have access to those yet. The only downside to this is that it cannot be used at times if and when someone does!

There is nothing wrong with looking into what other people are doing online but depending on how much detail you look at, it could hurt their privacy or even expose them to legal action. So, make sure to use this tool responsibly.

4. WP Cli

WPCli is an easy way to manage your WordPress sites or start from scratch. With this tool, you can easily install new themes, plugins, and versions of software like WordPress itself!

WPCli comes with some built-in commands that make it very powerful. Some examples are adding widgets to pages and posts, changing settings such as theme colors, switching users, etc.

These functions are extremely helpful in terms of customization and productivity. If you’re ever stuck on what to do next while working on a project, these tools can help!

There is also an advanced section where you can find many other ways to edit, configure, and work with WordPress. These include using FTP (that is, accessing the website files through a program), replacing the WordPress core, and more.

5. NextCloud Server

If you are looking for an easy way to create your own cloud storage, then look into nextcloud server. You can choose from several free and paid plans that come with different features.

Some of the most popular ones include being able to access the app through mobile apps or via web browser, sharing documents and folders across all devices, and creating groups which people can join (think Facebook style).

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