Throw Pillow

When people first started using cushions to warm up their bedding, they were simply laying down some cloth or material to add softness to the bed. As time passed, people began adding more features to the pillows to make them more interesting.

Throwing or embroidery designs became popular as people designed new pillows with comfortable fluffy materials and additional decorations. The term “throw pillow” was coined when someone would take one piece of fabric and just fluff it out so that it could be used for many different purposes.

These useable pieces of clothing are now called “throw-away merchandise.” Many cultures have incorporated throwing pillows into their bedroom decor – something about having an easy way to re-purpose old clothes really appeals to most.

When did throw pillows become popular?

Throw Pillow

In the early 2000s, throw pillows started to gain popularity when designers began creating them. They are not new though-the word “throw pillow” is actually quite old! The earliest ones were just that–pillows you could toss around or put somewhere else.

In the past decade, they have been designed to look more elegant and fluffier. Many feature embroidery and/or printed fabrics which add some color and style to your space.

What is the difference between a pillow and a throw pillow?

Throw Pillow

A throw or cushion cover is typically made of slightly thicker, heavier fabric than a regular pillow case. They are usually designed to be put onto another piece or object (like a couch, chair, bed, etc.) so that it can serve as a layer of padding.

Throwing a movie night with your friends means no one has their own pillow! Or perhaps someone’s neck gets tired because they have to hold it up all night.

What do you do with throw pillows?

Throw Pillow

There are many ways to use throw pillows. They can be used for decoration, to add some color and pattern into your space, to give yourself or someone else a more comfortable feeling, or to increase the overall look of your space.

Throwing a pillow party is an excellent way to learn how to use pillows as decorations! You will need several different sized pillows and fun bedding pieces like blankets, sheets, or towels to place them all in various configurations.

You can make a seating area or bed by placing one large cushion or two small ones next to each other. Make sure to wash any new fabrics before using to avoid changes in texture or color.

Are throw pillows necessary?

Throw Pillow

Even though they are not considered to be “fashionable” bedding, there is one reason why they are still popularly used — they refresh your sleep space and help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Throwing away or even trashing old, tired out cushions is a good way to start off investing in new ones. If you find that their shape or material is no longer attractive, give those ones away!

If you are looking for some inspiration, have a look at our guide here for some ideas.

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