What Is The Point Of Throw Pillows?

The term “throw pillows” can be confusing.

Impulse buys

What is the point of throw pillows?

When you buy something because it is an impulse purchase, or because it looks good, then that product will not be used immediately. It will probably get stored away somewhere where you can easily access it, like your home office or room store at your favorite mall.

That’s what happened with my white fluff pillow I mentioned earlier! After reading this article, I was inspired to make another one. And since I already had some gray wool cloth, I decided to make myself a new throw pillow in the same style but in gray wool instead!

What are they called again? Oh yeah…throw pillows 🙂

Throwing a party? Get some towels!

And now that you know the importance of using coverings for furniture and soft furnishings, why not invest in some fun new pieces? These days, there are many great options available in almost every size and color possible.

Less Is More

What is the point of throw pillows?

When buying new bedding, throw pillows are one of the most expensive additions. They can easily add several hundred dollars to your bedroom budget!

That is why it is important to buy only what you need. If you find yourself getting tired of yours every season, then buying one more never makes sense.

Throwing away your current cushion or purchasing a second set of identical ones cost very little money, if anything at all. It will also help limit clutter in your home. You will still have a comfortable pillow when needed, just not one that you don’t use.

Another great way to use them is to mix and match from selvedge to machine-washable covers. Take time to look through different styles before choosing. Try washing them in a vacuum bag to protect the fabric better.

Will hold them or wear them

While it may seem like overkill to buy a bunch of pillows, they actually are a pretty integral part of your home decor. They play multiple roles!

Throwing a pillow onto the couch is kind of the definition of a cushion. It’s not really designed for use solely as a bedspread, but instead to help create more comfortable seating by supporting your head.

For example, my favorite color scheme is black and white, which are both very heavy materials. A white pillow with a solid black cover looks great and adds some depth to the space. I usually just place this next to the sofa so that when I sit down I can tuck the covers under my legs.

Making yourself a nice, soft landing spot goes a long way in creating a feeling of comfort where you can relax and focus on whatever you were doing before.

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